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Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Activities and Hobbies that Strengthen Recovery

Activities and Hobbies that Strengthen Recovery

It is essential in everyone’s recovery to have healthy hobbies and activities that reinforce the commitment to staying sober and being in this state of mind for the long haul.

Unfortunately, addiction to a substance is a lifelong affliction, and getting off the drug or drink doesn’t mean you’re automatically healed. Even if an individual is not actively using, they will always be at risk of a relapse, although it gets smaller and smaller over time. Therefore, it is essential in the journey along one’s recovery to have healthy hobbies and activities that reinforce the commitment to staying sober, no matter what! Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways that recovering men and women (or their loved ones) can strengthen their resolve and reduce the risk of a relapse.

Activities and Hobbies that Strengthen Recovery

Participate in Twelve-Step Support Groups

There are more than 100,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups across the world! So of course the most obvious resource available to a recovering addict or their family is the plethora of support programs that are free in nearly every town across the country. Whether the group is 12-step based, self-empowerment based, or secularly based, any type of support increases the integrity of a recovery program. Even with the shutdown and pandemic life, support groups worked tirelessly to make meetings available to recovering addicts via internet chat rooms and conference calls. Sobriety is always there and can be tapped into at any time. Having a support system and working the ‘steps’ is essential in maintaining successful abstinence from mind-altering chemicals.

Give Yoga and Meditation a Try

Hear us out! Yoga is the ancient Indian practice that disciplines mind, body, and spirit and has been extremely effective in helping tons of addicts along their recovery road. Why is this? Because the practice of yoga provides a huge rush of natural serotonin and “energy” that can be the extra boost one might need to get through a stressful time.  Although any exercise seems to be effective in achieving prolonged sobriety, yoga seems to be the practice mentioned the most by the old-timers.

Mediation also seems to be a practice often used by those with large chunks of clean time.  The ability to quiet the mind when cravings rage or in the face of adversity is an effective strategy in ensuring sobriety. Mediation encourages this practice and reinforces resistance to unhealthy urges!

Creativity is the Key to Eliminating Boredom

How many of us have always wanted to ______? Fill in the blank for yourself; everyone has something! But what stops us? For many people struggling with addiction, their dreams have been put on the back burner to deal with the problems stemming from substance use. Reintegration into hobbies, interests, and passions can be helpful with regaining “normalcy’’ after addiction. So whether you (or your loved one) are in early recovery or have years of clean time, encourage yourself to write that book, audition for that play, or learn how to speak Esperanto. There’s no better time than the present!

Get Outside and Get Active!

Even in pandemic times, you can make it outside to where people aren’t. No matter where you are in the world, there is some nature nearby…even right in the city! So cherish and visit it! Often we take the natural features of where we live for granted, telling ourselves “you can always go because it’s right there.” But then how often does it end up happening? Force yourself to take a drive to the state park outside your city or even if you’re stuck in an urban area, find a way to check out a new park you’ve never seen.  Bring your camera or capture the moment on your phone to document how you felt!

We Are “On Call” as Your Support System

The first step to regaining one’s life back after addiction is treatment by trained professionals. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, you are not alone. But getting help is more important than ever. Reach out to Evoke Waltham now so we can help you along your path to recovery.