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The Biden Administration and Covid-19 Response

The Biden Administration and Covid-19 Response

There are several open-ended questions as to how President Joe Biden will deal with Covid-19 and his response plan to the pandemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic is always in the front of everyone’s minds as we are still in the midst of how to go about dealing with it. The way President Joe Biden is responding and will respond to it in the future is expected to be a defining focus during his time in the office. Some plans of the incoming administrations’ plans are clear at this point, specifically, those that serve as straightforward rebukes to President Donald Trump, however, there are still several open-ended questions as to how Joe Biden will truly deal with Covid-19 and his response plan.

The Biden Administration and Covid-19 Response

Reversing Withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO)

Joe Biden’s plan promises to reverse President Trump’s effort to withdraw from the World Health Organization and to reestablish a National Security Council directorate who will focus on global health security and biodefense. He also pledges to heighten the Global Health Security Agenda whose purpose is to monitor and improve pandemic preparedness around the world and also to create a Global Health Emergency Board intended to bring the world’s leaders and health experts together in the event any future public health emergency threatens our country and world.

How Joe Biden Will Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joe Biden plans on being ready to go on day one of his administration to protect the country’s health and well being. Biden has voiced many different ways he plans to address the Covid-19 response. At this point, they are just a start, but as this crisis continues to unfold, he plans to build on these policies and address any new challenges as they arise. His plans are:

  • To ensure that public health decisions are no longer made by politicians, but by public health professionals because public health professionals engaged in response to Covid-19 don’t fear retribution for performing their jobs.
  • Restore the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense that was first established by the Obama administration.
  • Make Coronavirus testing free and more readily available so every person who needs a test can get one. He also plans to set up at least ten mobile testing sites and drive-thru facilities per state for speed testing.
  • Have Medicare and Medicaid Centers help establish a Diagnosis code for Covid-19.
  • Task every federal agency to take immediate action to make sure that our country’s hospital capacity can keep up with the growing need by setting up temporary hospitals anywhere needed, prepare for a possible deployment of military resources such as medical facilities, logistical support, and additional medical personnel, and also make sure that training, materials, and resources reach qualified health centers, rural health clinics, and safety-net hospitals.
  • Increase the use of the emergency room, the-ICU care, and telemedicine so that medical staff can manage additional people and save beds for those who need them.
  • Keep healthcare workers, first responders assisted living staff, and other frontline workers safe during this time by providing adequate equipment.
  • Establish as well as fund a US Public Health Service Reserve Corps to expand medical and public health capacity.

Creation of an Emergency Fund for Covid-19 Fight

To make these things, and so much more happen, Joe Biden calls for an immediate increase of federal resources to cover all of the costs and create an emergency fund. The fund is intended to act as a cushion for a wider impact of the crisis and help hard-hitting families and communities. President Joe Biden believes that Donald Trump is blatantly ignoring the opinions of public health experts and plans to center his plans around them and do what he can to help Americans unlearn the behaviors that are currently in place. Joe Biden’s plans are ambitious and we will see whether or not they pan out in the months ahead.