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Can Being Sober Be Boring at First?

Can Being Sober Be Boring at First?

Sobriety is a huge life shift that takes some getting used to, but don’t fall into boredom or isolation because it can lead to relapse or active addiction.

Sobriety is a huge life shift that takes some getting used to. It’s a trade-off, especially when coming from the exciting yet dysfunctional world of active addiction; Comparatively, sobriety may be considered boring at first.  And that’s ok! The reasons for staying sober will always outweigh those for abusing substances. But it might take some restructuring of the thought processes to achieve harmony with newfound recovery.  But the good news is that although sobriety may be tough at first, it gets easier and the benefits are endless. If you can stick with it! This blog is a guide to getting copacetic with your (or your loved one’s) new, healthier pathway.

Can Being Sober Be Boring at First?

Social Lubrication Helps With Staying Sober

One of the hardest aspects of new recovery is the social part of it. For one, sobriety usually occurs with a needed purging of old friends whose behaviors are no longer conducive in the shift. This is especially hard for someone if they have been using drugs or alcohol as social lubrication as a means of making friends. So is your social life dead in sobriety or is there something you can do? Fortunately, there are entire groups of people in the same shoes as you, and fellowship happens often. The best thing you can do for your sobriety (and for your newfound friendships) is tap into your recovery thoroughly. Invest time and energy into the sobriety group of your choice and there is a myriad of them, not just Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are also plenty of activities and establishments that are encouraging sobriety as well. So-called sober bars are popping up in cities and the trend seems to be taking off. Also, there is a significant increase in recovery-based social events and activities as being sober becomes more understood and accepted in the mainstream.

Carpe Diem!

Simply put, addiction is a thief of our lives! Imagine all the time drinking and/or drugging that could have been spent towards achieving or succeeding. But great news! Now that you’re sober, all those things are that much more possible now. For this writer and recovering addict, becoming creative once again was the godsend that I needed to make me never consider using again. I would never have been able to put words to paper when drinking or drugging! Now I write every day.

So think about what you’ve always wanted to do but your addiction has been keeping you from; don’t worry about not being “good” at this thing yet. Just envision yourself where you want to be and work towards that. These little new skills and hobbies are recovery gold when you can find one that puts you into the ‘zone.’

Let’s Talk About Higher Powers

The main thing that newcomers get hung up on in the 12-step programs is the need for the recoveree to have a higher power. And unfortunately, this confusion about higher powers and their presumed connection to religion is a huge reason that some people don’t commit to their program. Let’s clarify…higher power is different than “god” or religion. For some people with a religious background, it might be; but the point is that a higher power is different for everyone. And the good news is that it can be almost anything. For me, my higher power is my aforementioned creativity that I am unable to achieve when I’m using. Keeping sober keeps me connected to that aspect that I love about myself and for me, that’s enough. Don’t let biases towards experiences with organized religion be the reason you don’t achieve your dreams.