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Can Recovering Addicts Be Successful Entrepreneurs?

Can Recovering Addicts Be Successful Entrepreneurs?

There are many stigmas and misconceptions that go hand-in-hand with drug addiction, and one of them is that it bars you from being a successful entrepreneur or business owner.

When it comes to substance abuse, the stigma attached to it to this day keeps many people from achieving their full potential. The majority of people throughout the country (especially men and women who have no first-hand experience with substance abuse or dependence) assume that addiction is the result of a lack of willpower or poor self-control. The truth is that active addiction is a chronic brain disease, one that gets progressively worse over time and can result in a wide range of serious and lasting consequences.

Well, some people might look at an individual in recovery and think to themselves, “wow, that drunk can’t be trusted,” or, “once a junkie, always a junkie,” the truth is that men and women who have been in addiction recovery for an extended period are some of the most capable, determined and trustworthy people on the face of the planet. 

Don’t Let Addiction Hold You Back From Success

Going through difficult experiences makes people stronger so long as they come out the other side. So it makes sense that men and women who are in recovery are some of the strongest people – they have experienced suffering firsthand, and they have worked exceptionally hard to change and grow as individuals. However, it is important to understand that some of the consequences of active addiction follow people into their new lives of sobriety.

Recovery From Drug Abuse Can Be The Driving Force to Prosperity

Addiction makes people act in ways they never previously would – many men and women who are in the throes of active addiction resort to illegal behaviors and go to great lengths to get what they need at the time. This means that many men and women who are years sober still have bad track records, which might come in the way of poor credit scores, a sordid criminal background, or any number of other situations or circumstances they would probably like to sweep under the rug once and for all. While sleeping consequences under the rug isn’t always a possibility, your past should never stand in the way of achieving your present goals. 

Can Recovering Addicts Be Successful Entrepreneurs?

Recovered Men and Women – What Can They Really Do?

What can someone who is in recovery for addiction do? The answer to this question is simple – absolutely anything they want to do. If you are in addiction for recovery, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve all of your personal goals whether that be going back to school and getting your doctorate or becoming an entrepreneur. However, it is important to note that the consequences of your active addiction might have some kind of an impact on entrepreneurship. For example, entrepreneurs might need to take out a small business loan. It might be difficult to take out a loan if one of the consequences of your addiction was extreme financial insecurity. Most people who are struggling with drug addiction have a difficult time keeping up with monthly payments, saving money and setting some aside, and keeping their credit score stable.

However, there are solutions to almost every problem that someone who is looking to start a business might face. In short, recovering addicts can become successful entrepreneurs. However, they might have to work at it a little bit more intently than others. If you would like to learn more about the relationship between active addiction and entrepreneurship, simply reach out to Evoke Waltham today. We are standing by to offer professional insight and advice, and to help you begin on your journey of recovery if you haven’t done so already. 

Addiction Recovery When You Need It from Evoke Waltham

At Evoke Waltham, we understand that sometimes receiving guidance and support is a time-sensitive matter, and you need recovery resources available to you whenever things get difficult – which can happen at any time. We are dedicated to providing recovery when you need it and we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have.