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What Are The Most Popular Drugs College Students Take?

What Are The Most Popular Drugs College Students Take?

College is one of the most common places drugs are found, sold, and abused, but what drugs or substances do college students misuse the most?

College is one of the most common places drugs are found, sold, and abused. For many students, college opens a world of opportunities to try new things and have new experiences, without parents around to supervise. Unfortunately, this includes engaging in risky behavior without fear of the real consequences. The amounts of drugs consumed can be dangerous because they made lead to dependency and addiction.

Besides studying and planning for the future, college is undeniably about partying and testing your limits for many students. A majority of the students who did not drink in high school will take their first sip while in college, and many will experiment with harder drugs like hallucinogens and so-called party drugs, risking chemical dependence in their brain.

What Are The Most Popular Drugs College Students Take

The Five Most Commonly Abused Drugs In College

  • Alcohol: According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH), 9.9% of full-time college students aged 18 to 22 drank alcohol for the first time in the past year. Because alcohol is such a wildly accepted consumed drug across the country, it’s no surprise alcohol is the number one abused drug on campus. From crazy frat parties to keggers, most college parties serve alcohol and even bars close to campus are coined as “college bars.” Alcohol is a legal activity for older college students; however, the typical freshman is 18 years old, far below the legal drinking age. Binge drinking has also become a popular habit on college campuses including in sporting events, celebrations, and in many cases of hazing to gain membership into a frat or sorority. Binge drinking can be very dangerous and lead to alcohol poisoning, which can then lead to death.
  • Marijuana: Although still illegal in many states, Marijuana has been the most popular drug in the United States other than alcohol for several decades. Marijuana is widely and falsely considered a harmless drug, which is why it is so popular among college students. Relaxing the nerves and putting one in a sleep-like state is also common, leaving responsibilities of homework and studying a priority for another day.
  • Prescription Pills: One study found that more than 60% of students with a valid prescription for ADHD medication were diverting it to other students without prescriptions. College-level work gets harder for many as they move up a grade level, making it harder to focus in class and complete assignments. Adderall and Ritalin are very commonly sold and abused drugs on college campuses because these drugs make it easier to concentrate and stay up long hours.
  • Ecstasy: As raves and festivals grow in popularity, so does the use of “rave drugs,” with Ecstasy being the most popular. In the college atmosphere, it has become as normal to take ecstasy at a festival as it has to drink alcohol at a bar.
  • Cocaine: Just like Adderall, Cocaine can keep you up to study but is mostly used along with alcohol so you can party and drink all night. It is highly addictive and illegal in the United States.

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