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Helping an Addicted Family Member

an older woman consoles a younger woman with a hug after learning how helping an addicted family member can be crucial to their recovery

Family issues can majorly impact your loved one’s struggles with drugs or alcohol. Resolving those issues may be essential if you want to help your spouse or child. One way you can work toward such a resolution is by taking part in family integration therapy. This therapy includes the entire family unit in your loved one’s recovery process. In this way, it helps ensure that important conflicts within that unit are resolved.

It also gives the entire family a chance to understand and support one another during recovery. Family integration therapy may include individual, group, or family-wide sessions. Additionally, don’t forget about seeking support for yourself. A support group for family members of addicts or individual therapy can provide a much-needed outlet for your emotions and a safe space to process difficult experiences.

Remember, recovery is a journey that involves the entire family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Evoke Waltham for help addressing any issues within the family dynamic and supporting your loved one’s sobriety.

How Addiction Affects Families

Serious substance problems can impact your family in more ways than one. Certain issues within the family unit can help increase the odds that these problems will occur. Well-known examples of such issues include:

  • A disorganized or tumultuous home environment
  • The presence of any form of abuse or neglect
  • A lack of parental warmth and support
  • Strife between parents
  • Parents with an accepting attitude toward substance use
  • Existing substance abuse within the family unit

A loved one affected by addiction can also have a damaging effect on the family unit. For example, an addicted family member may say or do things that strain your bond with them. The presence of addiction may also create or contribute to chaotic home life. In addition, it can erode trust and produce deep-seated conflicts between family members.

Helping an Addicted Family Member by Taking Part in Therapy

Not all family units affected by addiction face the same kinds of problems. Nevertheless, all such families share something in common. Namely, there’s a strong chance that they will benefit from integration therapy. Why is this the case? Integration therapy is a joint venture between you and your other family members. All of you play an essential role in addressing the effects of addiction. That includes factors within the family that may help foster substance problems. It also consists of the impact of an addicted loved one on the family unit.

In therapy, loved ones share their perspectives on what is happening within the family. They also listen to the concerns of others in the group. This process makes everyone a stakeholder in resolving conflict and determining the next steps.

Once these causes are identified, your therapist will help you and your loved ones address them. Some of this work is done during your scheduled therapy sessions. Your therapist will also ask you to continue working on important issues between sessions.

How to Help an Addicted Loved One

Family therapy is known to help people being treated for addiction and their loved ones. Common benefits include:

  • Understanding the true scope and costs of addiction
  • Helping your loved one affected by addiction make progress in recovery
  • Resolving underlying sources of family conflict
  • Creating healthier communications between family members
  • Improving the day-to-day family environment

These benefits help make you a positive force in your loved one’s rehab process. They also help decrease the odds of your loved one returning to substance use after completing treatment.

Get More Information on Helping an Addicted Family Member at Evoke Waltham

Want to know more about how to help an addicted loved one? Contact the recovery specialists at Evoke Waltham. We can answer any question you may have about family integration therapy. In addition, we can show you other ways to support a loved one in recovery.

Family integration therapy often plays a role in effective rehab at Evoke Waltham. With our support, you can help an addicted family member while improving your home environment. Call us today at 866.276.1920 to get started or complete our online form.