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How Long Does Suboxone Last?

a medical professional sits and talks with a patient and answers her question about how long does suboxone last

Beating an addiction to opioids can be difficult. Detoxing from these substances can cause very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which can cause some people to relapse to find relief. Thankfully, medications like Suboxone can help ease the experience by lessening or fully removing the negative side effects of withdrawal. If you or a loved one are looking for a Suboxone treatment program in Waltham, MA, Evoke Waltham offers Suboxone treatment as part of their medication-assisted treatment program.

Here at Evoke Waltham, we understand that each patient is unique. We offer a wide variety of treatments and therapies that can be customized to meet every patient’s needs. Our friendly and experienced addiction treatment team works closely with patients and their families in order to create a program that gives them the best chance at a successful recovery. If you believe that you or someone you love can benefit from Suboxone treatment, contact us at 866.276.1920 to find out how long Suboxone last and our opioid addiction treatment program.

What Is Suboxone?

Opioids work on the brain’s receptors to block pain signals and release dopamine. Dopamine causes the feeling of euphoria that makes opioids vulnerable to abuse. Suboxone is a prescription medication used in opioid treatment that contains chemicals that work on the same receptors in the brain to minimize the effects of opioid withdrawal and help regulate brain chemistry.

Suboxone contains the following:

  • Buprenorphine – A partial opioid agonist that is responsible for blocking the negative side effects of detox
  • Naloxone – An opioid antagonist which blocks the feeling of euphoria that is associated with opioid use. This means that if someone attempts to take opioids while on Suboxone, they will not get high

It can also be used to prevent overdose, which is a common risk when someone undergoing detox relapses. Being on Suboxone promotes abstinence by blocking the euphoric effects of other opioids while simultaneously easing the uncomfortable symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Because of this, patients undergoing Suboxone treatment can focus more on therapy and achieving full recovery.

How Long Does Suboxone Block Opiates?

How long does Suboxone last? Suboxone stays in someone’s system and depends on various factors, such as the person’s weight, metabolism, history of substance abuse, and dosage. The effects of Suboxone can last from 12 to 60 hours. On average, the correct dosage of Suboxone can block the effects of other opioids for around 24 to 36 hours.

Suboxone is usually administered once a day. The phases of Suboxone treatment are:

  • Induction phase – Starting from 12 to 24 hours after the last opioid dose, the first dose of Suboxone treatment is administered in order to minimize the effects of withdrawal
  • Stabilization phase –  Once the patient experiences cravings or withdrawal symptoms, the dosage of Suboxone is adjusted to achieve the best results
  • Maintenance phase – Once the proper dosage of Suboxone is achieved, it is administered to the patient regularly. Over time, the dosage may be tapered off until Suboxone is no longer necessary

Suboxone is used in conjunction with therapy in order to achieve holistic recovery. It makes the patient feel well and stable enough to focus fully on their treatment. While Suboxone may not be a cure for opioid addiction, it is an invaluable tool that has finally helped many people struggling with substance abuse to break free of their addiction.

Find a Suboxone Treatment Program in Waltham, MA, from Evoke Waltham

We offer a wide menu of programs and therapies at Evoke Waltham for people struggling with substance abuse. We believe everyone is unique, so our expert addiction specialists work closely with patients and their families to provide quality treatment that ensures the best chance of success. Our medication-assisted treatments, such as Suboxone, are offered to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery. To learn more about how long does Suboxone last and treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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