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How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get the Vivitrol Shot

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get the Vivitrol Shot

How long do you have to wait to get the Vivitrol shot after abusing opioids or alcohol? They have to be fully out of our system first before your Vivitrol injection.

Over the past decade, rates of drug and alcohol overdose have risen significantly. More specifically, rates of opioid overdose have been on the rise throughout the country. In response to the increasing amount of fatalities, several medications have been developed to help prevent overdose-related deaths. Vivitrol has rapidly become an important part of the war against opioids. 

This specific medication works by blocking the euphoric effects produced by opioid abuse and is also beneficial for men and women who have been struggling with alcohol abuse and dependence. It is important to understand that Vivitrol is never effective as a stand-alone treatment option and that for an individual to recover from a substance abuse disorder long-term, he or she must be actively engaged in some level of clinical care.

More About the Vivitrol Addiction Recovery Program

At Evoke Waltham, we provide our clients with the additional support and intensive therapy they need to overcome addiction once and for all. Many of our clients are currently participating in a program of Medication Assisted Treatment, which might include Vivitrol or another similar medication. Not only do we offer guidance and support regarding medication management, but we work to equip our clients with the tools they need to stand on their own two feet once they decide to stop taking Vivitrol. To learn more about our unique and comprehensive recovery program.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get the Vivitrol shot

Dosing and Administration of the Vivitrol Shot

How long do you have to wait to get the Vivitrol shot after abusing opioids or alcohol? According to the official Vivitrol website, it is recommended that a patient stays completely abstinent from all opioid narcotics for between 7 and 10 days before the initial shot is administered. A good rule of thumb is that the patient undergoes withdrawal completely before the first shot is administered – and withdrawal should always take place in a medically monitored detox facility. 

The standard Vivitrol shot is 380mg, and after the initial dose, it is administered once every four weeks. There are several things to keep in mind before taking this medication. First of all, while the euphoric effects of opioid narcotics are completely blocked, people are still at risk of overdose-related death if they choose to use an opioid narcotic while on the medication. The same goes for alcohol – the person might not feel drunk, but if they do consume alcohol while on Vivitrol they should not drive or operate heavy machinery. 

Recovery at Your Fingertips With Evoke Waltham

Over the past year – since the COVID-19 pandemic first began – rates of substance abuse and dependence are higher than they ever have been. Additionally, many people do not have access to the same recovery-related resources that they had previously. Most Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are still virtual, it is more difficult than ever before to get admitted to a medical detox facility, and many people still do not feel comfortable meeting with a counseling group in person in light of recent circumstances.

Unique Addiction Recovery Services for Vivitrol Medication and Others

So, what can be done when you need recovery-related support from the comfort of your own home? Enter Evoke Waltham. Our program of addiction recovery is unlike any other in the sense that we deliver quality clinical care wherever and whenever you need it. We do offer in-person treatment services – however, we also offer recovery resources and intensive therapy over the phone or online. 

Our main priority is making addiction recovery as convenient as possible for you or your loved one. To learn more about the services we provide or to learn more about the necessity of a supplemental treatment program when it comes to those taking the Vivitrol shot.