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Online Counseling for Substance Use Disorders

Online Counseling for Substance Use Disorders

If you or a loved one are addicted or drugs or alcohol, for your safety we offer online counseling for substance use disorders from the comfort of home.

Substance abuse disorders can affect every aspect of a person and can have a physical, emotional, financial, and social impact on a person’s life. Fortunately, there are effective methods that are available to treat substance abuse disorders such as online counseling. Online counseling involves getting substance abuse and mental health support via the Internet. This can happen through video chat, online chat, or over the phone. Our facility and excellent team of addiction professionals offers this virtual therapy option as an alternative to in-person treatment as a safety percaution because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Studies show that it’s just as effective as in-person therapy, and safer for you because it’s done remotely from the comfort of home, no matter where you are. Online Counseling for Substance Use Disorders

Can Online Counseling Help You With Addiction?

Our country is dealing with an overwhelming growth in substance abuse disorders. Whether it is legal drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol, nearly everyone has known something that is facing or has faced this problem. Online counseling for substance abuse disorders is a very helpful resource and acts as another way of helping those with a substance abuse disorder to have another platform to get the help they need. Online counseling adds a layer of anonymity to those who are seeking recovery from substance abuse while also treating any underlying mental health problems. It is very common for substance abuse disorders and mental health problems to go hand in hand. Addiction can feel like an ongoing struggle for many people, especially during a global pandemic, and can cause feelings of guilt and despair for those who are suffering. Many people may forego seeking help if it means they have to face their substance abuse disorder publicly, so many people may feel more prepared to seek help if they can do it from the comfort and security of their own home. Some different reasons why people may decide to do online counseling versus traditional treatment include:

  • Those affected can receive counseling that fir their schedules like work or family commitments
  • Many people find it easier to stay on top of counseling and in treatment when it is delivered online.
  • It is more discrete. Anyone can get help from a laptop, computer, and smartphone, and Wi-Fi.
  • Online counseling can be a big-time and money saver.
  • You can receive treatment from anywhere in the world. Finding the best treatment for you does not have to be so hard.

How does Virtual Therapy for Addiction Work?

Once you contact the facility that offers online counseling, you will be asked a few routine questions about you and the issues that you are currently facing. You and your counselor will then decide the best action of treatment based on your specific needs. You can also talk about your schedule and the best times to get your counseling started and continue it. How long your counseling will last will vary with each individual. Some evidence-based therapy approaches can be adapted in an online counseling format. The first is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is typically used to help people recognize and avoid negative reactions and thoughts. You can use it to help recognize your triggers that lead to substance abuse cravings and learn how to avoid and move on from them. Motivational interviewing is another approach that can be used in an online format. In this technique, the counselor can lead a structured conversation to help a person learn how to recognize how their life can be different and better if they choose to quit their substance abuse.

Start Online Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Online counseling can be a very helpful tool to help you with your substance abuse. Evoke Waltham offers virtual counseling services that you can utilize today. Our programs offer quality clinical care that is ideal for those who are ready to receive the best of the best addiction treatment. If you or someone you love has been struggling with a substance abuse disorder, please feel free to give us a call today. Getting the help you need isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Let us help you along the way.