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Psychological Effects of Meth

a man sits on the ground near his bed in deep thought about the psychological effects of meth

Mental health issues often drive substance use disorders, and addiction can worsen mental health disorders’ symptoms. Methamphetamine addiction is no different, as this powerful illicit drug causes the brain to release extremely high dopamine levels. With long-term use, the brain naturally lowers its own dopamine production. This can cause mental health issues that can be difficult to address as the person’s brain chemistry changes. Learning about the psychological effects of methamphetamine use can bring more awareness to how difficult it is to battle meth addiction and the risks of long-term use.

If you have been looking for meth rehab in Waltham, MA, Evoke Waltham is ready to help you break free from addiction. Dealing with the symptoms of addiction or mental health issues can be frightening and unsettling, and nobody should have to do it alone. At Evoke Waltham’s addiction treatment center in Waltham, you’ll find a highly-qualified and compassionate team of mental health and addiction experts who are passionate about helping all patients through recovery. You can find out more about our meth addiction rehab program and get the support you and your loved ones deserve by contacting us at 866.276.1920.

Psychological Effects of Methamphetamine

Just like with many other illicit substances, more and more meth is required to achieve the same high that was experienced in the beginning, and before a person knows it, they may become addicted to meth.

Many people already know the physical effects of meth addiction, as it’s been widely depicted in pop culture, movies, and even billboards warning the public about long-term health consequences. However, the psychological effects of meth use are not as well-known.

Meth is a potent central nervous system stimulant closely related to amphetamine. It is an illicit street drug with a high potential for physical dependence and addiction. Long-term meth use can lead to several psychological effects, including:

  • Psychosis – Characterized by delusions (false beliefs) and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there), people who are psychotic may behave erratically and dangerously.
  • Aggression – People under the influence of methamphetamine may be more likely to engage in aggressive behavior.
  • Anxiety – People may feel like they are being watched or followed and become paranoid.
  • Depression – Often caused by the crash that might occur after the drug wears off. Depression can also lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
  • Addiction – People who use meth in any form may find it difficult to stop using the drug even when they know they should. They may continue to use methamphetamine despite negative consequences such as losing a job, financial difficulties, and strained relationships.

At Evoke Waltham, our meth rehab program tackles the physical and mental effects of meth addiction. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with comprehensive support so that you can recover from methamphetamine use in a safe, healthy way.

What Happens in Meth Addiction Rehab

In meth rehab, patients work to overcome their addiction to methamphetamine. This process usually involves detoxification, followed by counseling, and then aftercare. During detox, patients may experience methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Patients in a treatment center will benefit from a specialized team. This team will monitor their health and administers medical assistance if necessary. With medication-assisted treatment, they may also receive medications that will help ease the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, making detox a more pleasant experience.

Counseling helps patients understand their addiction and develop coping mechanisms to deal with triggers and cravings. Patients may also participate in group therapy sessions where they can share their experiences with others who are going through similar struggles. Most of the work happens in this part of rehab as patients learn to manage their addiction.

Aftercare is where patients transition back into day-to-day life and receive support to stay in recovery and avoid a return to use. This is an ongoing process for many patients, as addiction is never truly cured, only managed.

Enter Meth Rehab at Evoke Waltham in Waltham, MA

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there’s no need to wait for help. Recovery is possible. At Evoke Waltham, our team of experts is standing by to guide your first steps in the recovery journey. Early treatment can help you break free from meth addiction. It can also help protect you from the psychological and physical effects of prolonged meth use. Our meth addiction rehab program supports each patient through all phases of the recovery process. To learn more about what we offer at Evoke Waltham in Waltham, MA, contact our admissions team at 866.276.1920.