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Does Reality Therapy Work for Substance Use Disorders?

Does Reality Therapy Work for Substance Use Disorders?

Reality therapy can be utilized to treat several issues, but it is especially beneficial for the treatment of substance abuse, addiction, and alcoholism.

Reality therapy is an evidence-based and heavily researched method of psychotherapy that focuses on improving the current interpersonal relationships and experiences that clients have, without a focus on working through past experiences. Reality therapy is rooted in the belief that everyone needs to feel a genuine sense of belonging, and that for healthy and functional relationships to develop, people must have all of their basic needs met (shelter, food, clothing, etc). This therapeutic method also suggests that the only way to foster a sense of true belonging is through developing relationships with other people. Some of the other facets that reality therapy focuses on are:

  • Continuously making healthy and beneficial choices helps improve the overall quality of life
  • Controlling the way that we think and the way that we behave has a major impact on the way that we feel 
  • People must learn to satisfy their personal needs without encroaching upon the needs of other people 
  • The key to long-term success is building healthy relationships with others 
  • It is crucial to focus on the present moment – focusing on past experiences does not serve us 

Many treatment centers utilize this therapeutic method, regardless of whether or not they exclusively treat substance abuse or if they treat dual diagnosis disorders. Reality therapy can take place in a one-on-one or group setting. If you would like to learn more about reality therapy or its uses, call Evoke Waltham today. 

Does Reality Therapy Work for Substance Use Disorders?

Reality Therapy and Substance Abuse Disorders

Reality therapy can be utilized to treat several issues, but it is especially beneficial for the treatment of substance abuse and dependence. This method of therapy helps men and women who struggle with substance abuse understand that the way they interact with the world around them is largely based on their ability to control their thoughts and behaviors. At the root of substance abuse is control – people feel like they cannot control their own emotions, and they constantly succumb to unpleasant and overpowering feelings. 

To control these unpleasant feelings and emotions, they turn to chemical substances as a means of self-medication. They look to drugs and alcohol to anesthetize these feelings and return to a state of “normalcy” (which ultimately ends up being anything but). This therapeutic method also helps men and women overcome addiction by helping them stay focused on the present moment, and teaching them that their present behaviors are all they can control. Focusing on the past leads to depression, and focusing on the future leads to anxiety. 

Overcoming Substance Abuse Comprehensively

It is important to note that overcoming substance abuse long-term requires a comprehensive approach to treatment. This means that no individual therapeutic method can serve as a stand-alone treatment option. For an individual to successfully overcome substance dependency long-term, a combination of therapeutic and holistic methods must be employed. In most cases, this looks like therapeutic methods like reality therapy, relapse prevention therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, involvement in a 12 step program like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, and holistically-based therapies like yoga therapy, nutritional counseling, and mindfulness meditation. At Evoke Waltham we utilize a wide variety of therapeutic methods – including reality therapy – to provide the most comprehensive clinical care possible. 

Evoke Waltham – Recovery When You Need It

At Evoke Waltham we are dedicated to providing you with quality clinical care that is truly just a phone call away. We understand that when it comes to active drug addiction, there is little time to wait – moderate and severe substance abuse disorders are often a matter of life and death. We provide quality treatment in several convenient ways – in-person, over the phone, and virtually. Simply give us a call to begin on your journey of addiction recovery right away.