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Is Shooting Crack Safe?

a man sits outside on stairs with his palms to his head struggling with the question is shooting crack safe

Is shooting crack safe? In short, the answer is no. Shooting crack is an incredibly dangerous practice that is associated with several significant risks and dangers. Intravenous (IV) use is particularly risky due to the risk of developing infections from contaminated needles or equipment and the possibility of overdosing on the drug itself.

Evoke Waltham’s Massachusetts cocaine rehab is available for anyone struggling with an addiction to crack or other drugs. Treatment helps people understand their addictive behaviors and how to make positive life changes. With professional support, individuals can develop the skills necessary to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety long-term. If you need help with your crack addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out for help today at 866.276.1920.

The Risks of Drug Use

Most drugs can be injected by dissolving pills, powders, or salts into a liquid solution and using a hypodermic needle to get the liquid into a vein. This method is often preferred to ingesting a drug orally because injecting a substance gets it to the brain much faster. The administration of drugs by injection has been the bigger, faster, and better way to get that high. Smoking, swallowing, and snorting are less preferred because injecting is the quickest and results in the most intense “high.”

Other administration methods generally provide a slower onset and a less Intense “rush.” When given orally, a proportion of the dose may not be absorbed or may be metabolized by the liver before reaching the brain. Smoking or vaporization usually destroys some drugs, and nasal inhalation wastes the percentage of the drug that passes down the throat to be absorbed more slowly later.

Injecting is an unsafe practice and risks developing infections from contaminated needles or equipment. It is also linked to the possibility of overdosing since it is much more difficult to control how much is used when injecting than other methods.

Dangers of Intravenous Crack Use

A lot of drugs can be injected one way or another, which goes for one of the most accessible, cheaper drugs—crack cocaine. Crack is a crystal form of cocaine that can be smoked. Smoking the drug sends it to the brain very quickly, giving more of a “rush” than snorting it. The high from the crack lasts about five to 10 minutes. Injecting crack is not safe, never will be safe, and is the riskiest way to use the drug. People who inject crack cocaine are at a higher risk for:

  • Blood infections, such as HIV and hepatitis B or C
  • Infections in the heart lining or valves
  • Abscesses (tender lumps filled with pus)
  • Risky behavior can lead to overdose.
  • Other health risks associated with injection drug use include collapsed veins, weakened immune systems, and vein damage.

All in all, is shooting crack safe? No. The dangers of intravenous use far outweigh the potential risk of any short-term high associated with it. If you or someone you know is struggling with crack addiction, seek help immediately.

Danger Signs and Symptoms of Crack Use

When a person with a crack addiction has switched to this form of crack administration, it is usually a sign of a progression of addiction. People with addiction are generally not in their right mind and don’t think of infection or diseases when they get high, so sharing needles or using unsanitary tools are of very little concern. Unfortunately, this leads to many infectious diseases and viruses, such as Hepatitis B, C, and HIV. Besides the viruses, other health issues can evolve with repeated crack injections and other drugs.

There is damage that can be done to internal organs, of course, but there are many different types of damage a user can do to their skin. This damage can result from regularly injecting, using potentially tainted needles, or injecting into fat or muscle by accident due to missing the vein and being injected right under the skin, called “skin popping.” This can result in a painful lump that could potentially cut off blood flow to the area.

Get Help at Evoke Waltham for Drug Addiction

If you or a loved one are using drugs intravenously and think there is no way out, let Evoke Waltham show you the way. Although we understand that going through withdrawals can be daunting and scary, with our specialized care and treatment plans, we can help you safely address drug addiction. So is shooting crack safe? The answer is no. But, with the right help and a commitment to recovery, you can get through this journey and lead a better life. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Evoke Waltham at 866.276.1920 for help.