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Signs of Meth Use

woman sits outside at a table distraught over learning about the signs of meth use

Roughly 2.5 million American teenagers and adults use methamphetamine, also known as meth. A small fraction of these people take a legal, prescription product called Desoxyn. However, most people take an illegal, street form of meth. Methamphetamine is notorious for its ability to trigger addiction.

A meth rehab center offers essential recovery support for anyone affected by this serious issue. By spotting the signs of meth use, you may help someone you love take crucial steps toward treatment. Call our Evoke Waltham team at 866.276.1920 to understand meth addiction signs and symptoms and the types of treatment we can offer you or a loved one.

Signs of Meth Use

Mood Changes

Meth is known for its ability to trigger significant mood changes. Such changes often take an intense form. In addition, they can appear and disappear quite suddenly. Specific things to look for include:

  • Anxiousness
  • Heightened irritability
  • Bouts of paranoia
  • Angry outbursts

In addicted people, these changes tend to become increasingly apparent over time.

Behavioral Changes

Significant behavioral changes are also common in people who use meth. Things you may notice, especially in someone who’s addicted, include:

  • Episodes of hyperactivity
  • Failure to sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abandonment of once-favored activities
  • Recklessness

People addicted to meth may also act differently toward friends and loved ones. For example, you may notice them withdrawing from social contact. Your loved one may also start stealing and telling frequent lies.

Altered Physical Appearance

The signs of methamphetamine use are often physical. Some physical changes are related to the way a person consumes the drug. That includes burn marks on your loved one’s lips or fingers. It also includes track marks on their skin.

Long-term meth users often suffer tooth and gum damage, colloquially known as “meth mouth.” Specific potential signs of meth mouth include inflamed gums and rotted or missing teeth. The condition has been linked to the effects of meth on teeth-producing cells and to methamphetamine’s role in promoting dry mouth. People addicted to meth may also lose significant amounts of weight or start losing their hair.

Meth Use and Tweaking

Meth users sometimes go on extended drug binges and don’t sleep for days. When a binge ends, your loved one may start tweaking. This term is for a group of extreme physical and mental changes triggered by the drug. Potential signs of tweaking include delusional thinking and hallucinations. They also have intensified meth cravings and emotional distress. In addition, other signs include repeated scratching of the skin that leaves apparent sores.

Drug Paraphernalia

Equipment and supplies are needed for all methods of meth consumption. That’s true whether your loved one smokes, injects, or snorts the drug. Items you may notice include hypodermic needles, tourniquets, or glass pipes. You may also see rolled-up paper money, cut pieces of straw, or pens with their insides pulled out. Other kinds of meth paraphernalia you may spot include small baggies, spoons, and pieces of aluminum foil. These items may be left out in the open. However, they may also be hidden away, making them harder to detect.

Learn More About the Possible Signs of Methamphetamine Use at Evoke Waltham

Think your loved one may be using methamphetamine? Consult the addiction specialists at Evoke Waltham. We can give you a complete rundown of the potential telltale signs of meth use. We can also help you make effective choices in encouraging your friend or family member to seek treatment.

Are you looking for effective meth treatment for your loved one? At Evoke Waltham, we feature a dedicated meth rehab program. Our expert staff is standing by with top-quality, customized care. For more information on our full range of recovery options, call us today at 866.276.1920.