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What are the Main Causes of Drug Abuse?

What are the Main Causes of Drug Abuse?

Addiction isn’t an organic disease that comes out of nowhere, but rather a progressive illness that usually develops over time. There is no one direct cause, but many contributing factors. Find out what are the main causes of drug abuse.

Drug abuse has taken its toll on the United States and its residents. The relatively high number of individuals who indulge in it across the nation has made it difficult for the authorities to tame the monstrous challenge. Also contributing to the complexity of the nation’s drug use problem is the ready availability of some drugs, despite existing regulations restricting their use and distribution. Illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine are popular in the nation and their prescriptive counterparts – pain relievers, sedatives, and tranquilizers. This unique variety in the drug types and forms misused in the nation offers multiple options to people keen on experimenting with drugs.

Which Drug Leads as One of The Most Misused Drug in The Nation?

Although adolescents and adults lie at the forefront of the worsening crisis, other underaged individuals are not left out of it. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) offers relevant insight into the enormous problem. In 2019, over 57 million individuals aged 12 years or older reported illicit drug use in the past year. Marijuana took the lead as one of the most misused drugs in the nation, accounting for up to 80% of the recorded cases.

Accordingly, the nation has not been excused from the numerous outcomes that tag alongside drug abuse. From drug use disorders to health complications, DUI-linked crashes, and overdose deaths, the United States has had its fair share of drug misuse. Moreover, the financial implications of these consequences are estimated to cost the nation hundreds of billions every year.

What are the Main Causes of Drug Abuse?

What Feeds the United States Drug Abuse Crisis?

Environmental influences stand out as a primary cause of drug abuse, especially among youngsters. The appeal of popular culture can lure young people into trying out new things or embarking on risky adventures such as experimenting with drugs to fit in. Traumatic experiences such as sexual assault, physical abuse, or the death of a loved one might also trigger the use or misuse of drugs. Certain psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also predispose people to drug use.

Complementing these external factors is the somewhat more intrinsic role of genetics. The genetic make-up accounts for up to half one’s risk for drug abuse and addiction. Of course, acting on its own, genetics may not initiate drug abuse, but being an inherited component of our lives means that we have little or no control over it, unlike the environmental factors.

Find Help for Drug Abuse in Evoke Waltham

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