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Is Low Dose Pregabalin Effective for Benzo Detox?

Is Low Dose Pregabalin Effective for Benzo Detox?

Can you use Pregabalin to reduce withdrawal symptoms that result from Benzodiazepine (Benzo) detox in low doses?

Pregabalin is a prescription drug that goes by the brand name Lyrica. It is generally prescribed and used to treat neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage from diseases like shingles, diabetes, or a spinal cord injury. It is also prescribed for fibromyalgia and is even used to treat seizures. 

This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as anticonvulsants. It isn’t exactly known how Pregabalin works, but it is thought to work by calming overactive or damaged nerves in the body that cause seizures or pain.

Is Low Dose Pregabalin Effective for Benzo Detox?

Pregabalin and Benzodiazepine Detox

Benzodiazepines, like Xanax Valium, or Klonopin, are central nervous system depressants used to treat insomnia or anxiety short term. While these drugs are effective, they have a very high potential for abuse, dependence, and addiction due to the euphoric and relaxing feelings they create. Once you become dependent on a drug, this means your body can no longer function normally without the drug in your system.

Withdrawal from benzos especially can be very difficult and even dangerous for you. You will likely experience symptoms for weeks that can include seizures, tremors, body and muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, and hypersensitivity, to name a few.

Pregablin Can Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms of Benzo Detox?

The way Pregabalin can be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during detox is by reducing the likelihood of seizures and pain during the detox process. Pregabalin is rapidly absorbed into the body, meaning it acts quickly. It is shown to reduce any acute pain within a few hours significantly. According to a study published by NIH:

The success rate of the benzodiazepine taper in the primary efficacy population (n=282) was 52% (95% confidence interval [CI], 46-58). Success rates for women and men were 58% (95% CI, 49-67) and 46% (95% CI, 38-55), respectively… Significant and clinically relevant improvements were observed in withdrawal and anxiety symptoms and patients’ functioning. At week 12, tolerability was rated as good or excellent by 90% and 83% of the clinicians and patients, respectively.

These results do suggest that Pregabalin is a helpful tool in the treatment of benzodiazepine detox. Pregabalin itself is listed as a Schedule V drug, which means it has a low potential for misuse and abuse to other drugs like opioids, stimulants, benzos, and others. While misuse is not unheard of, this is good news as many medications used during a drug detox can be addictive themselves.

Benzo Detox and Further Treatment

A medically assisted detox is always recommended as the first step in treatment for benzodiazepines. The bran rewires itself after prolonged use to no longer work properly so that withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and dangerous to you. 

Once a medical detox is completed, it does not mean that you are cured. To do what you can to maintain success, it is recommended to participate in one or more treatment programs to provide therapeutic education and guidance to learn more about your drug addiction and help you go back to your life in a safe way. All treatment programs will include group therapy, one-on-one therapy, and other specialized options to fit your needs.

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