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Holistic Therapy: How it Heals Addiction?

Holistic Therapy: How it Heals Addiction

Holistic therapy is one that targets the wellbeing of the whole person instead of discrete symptoms. How can this therapy help you?

Several methods have been touted as being very effective for addiction treatment. However, therapy done in a holistic way is an evidence-proven method that will ensure overall healing beyond mere treatment. But first, we must understand what holistic treatment means.

Holistic Therapy: How it Heals Addiction

More About Holistic Therapy

The most concise yet complete definition for holistic therapy targets the wellbeing of the whole person instead of discrete symptoms. It seeks to provide healing for the body, mind, spirit, and emotions so that the individual’s treatment cuts across all areas for balanced recovery.

This therapy is not a new concept being preached but has been around for centuries. In olden times, physicians employed it to get to the root cause of patients’ illnesses so that good health, once recovered, can be maintained. The logic behind the treatment pattern is to unveil what it takes to live happily and meaningfully. Such can only be achieved when there is no disconnection or fragmentation of the physical health from mental wellness or spiritual wellbeing and on and on.

Holistic Therapy and Addiction

After the devastation addiction can wreak in a person’s life and relationships, a truly complete rehabilitation plan will be the only way to help one regain his life. At this point, holistic type therapy becomes relevant for recovery and fostering sobriety. The treatment pattern involves all areas such as:

  • Physically to address body aches, chronic and acute pains, and other illnesses that come up in one of two significant ways. They could either be an effect of long-term use of alcohol and drugs or as withdrawal symptoms sprouting up during detoxification.
  • Emotionally to help the recovering individual better handle their emotions as they heal. Sometimes, feelings like anger or sadness that may even lead to depression going out of control are factors that encourage chemical dependency.
  • Mentally in removing limiting or negative beliefs and thoughts that act as blockades to attaining sobriety. Through holistic therapy, mental health issues like anxiety and stress can be fully sorted.
  • Spiritually, feelings of emptiness, being lost or incomplete, which are essentially downers to the soul, are specifically addressed.

We see how holistic based therapy proves extremely useful during addiction rehab in these four core areas alone.

Different holistic therapies exist, but massage therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology. Nonetheless, it should be noted that holistic treatment is only meant to complement other treatment plans and is hardly the only ingredient in any treatment program. For instance, with addiction recovery, the individual in question must undergo detox and go through residential and outpatient care. The other care plans enlighten on breaking free entirely from alcohol and drugs, managing cravings, and preventing relapse. Going through holistic therapy alone will not help, but combining both treatments will allow for a longer and more lasting recovery.

Start Addiction Recovery at Evoke Waltham

Evoke Waltham is an addiction recovery center that incorporates holistic therapy for its clients. It also offers varied forms and flexibility to the treatment plans so individuals can receive just the proper care they need, no matter the intensity of their chemical dependencies. For further info and inquiries on the center, please contact a recovery advocate today.