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What Fake Drugs Get Bought the Most?

What Fake Drugs Get Bought the Most?

Fake drugs are made to look like authentic drugs. They are also called counterfeit drugs. Which fake drugs get bought the most?

Fake drugs are made to look like authentic drugs. They are also called counterfeit drugs. In reality, the drugs of abuse are never pure, so all illegal drugs are fake in one perspective. Still, the problem of fake drugs posing as something else to make a profit is one of the leading concerns of the day. The rise in fake drugs is primarily due to the illegal manufacturing of powdered Fentanyl. 

Drug cartels and dealers are mixing Fentanyl in nearly all illicit drugs sold on the street. They do this strictly for-profit and to cause addiction. Tiny amounts of Fentanyl cause euphoria and addiction at the same time. However, fake drugs are sold and bought every day and cause death quicker than real drugs in many situations.

What Fake Drugs Get Bought the Most?

Why Do Fake Drugs Kill Faster Than Authentic Drugs?

The reason fake drugs will cause death quicker has to do with who is buying what. When a person goes to the drug dealer to buy cocaine for a party and is not a regular user of cocaine or any other drug, they are going to die if the cocaine is laced with Fentanyl. The drug Fentanyl is a potent opioid that will harm anyone who has never used an opioid or has a tolerance to it. Heroin addicts and prescription pain pill drug addicts are less likely to die if they buy fake heroin (or fake prescription opioids), which is actually Fentanyl, because they have a physical tolerance to the effects of opioids. 

Other reasons that fake drugs are more deadly is because of the ingredients. Drug dealers don’t care if the drug harms someone. They just want it to look real enough to sell it and make money.

Are Fake Drugs Addictive?

Fake drugs that contain real drug ingredients but are either cut to a bare minimum of the actual drug it is pretending to be, will still cause addiction. The user will likely notice that the drugs are weak, but they will have ingested enough of the drug to affect their brain. All illegal drugs affect the nervous system and the reward center in the brain. Once someone abuses a drug, their brain adapts to it and tells the user to take more and more. 

Addiction is as much a physiological response as it is an emotional or mental reaction. The issue of Fentanyl posing as a drug is a double-edged sword that dealers profit from because, in one small dose and one use, the person will get addicted.

What Do the Authorities Say About Fake Drugs?

There was a recent public announcement from the Drug Enforcement Agency about fake pills and street drug powders containing Fentanyl. The danger was significant enough to warrant a national warning for drug users to watch out for the drugs they are buying. The DEA states this about the discovery of massive amounts of fake pills and powder drugs (mainly methamphetamine) containing Fentanyl:

The United States faces an unprecedented crisis of overdose deaths fueled by illegally manufactured Fentanyl and methamphetamine. Counterfeit pills that contain these dangerous and extremely addictive drugs are more lethal and more accessible than ever before. Drug traffickers use fake pills to exploit the opioid crisis and prescription drug misuse in the United States. DEA lab analyses reveal that two out of every five fake pills with Fentanyl contain a potentially lethal dose. Today, we are alerting the public to this danger so that people have the information they need to protect themselves and their children. (DEA)

What Are the Most Commonly Bought Fake Drugs?

The fake drug that is most popular to be created as counterfeit is prescription opioid pills. Second, are benzodiazepine pills and muscle relaxers such as Soma. The other type of drug that is prone to be created to look like another drug is club drugs such as ecstasy and molly. However, as stated previously, the authenticity of all illegal drugs is never 100%. 

The cocaine and heroin, and methamphetamine sold on the street, although not considered fake, are still cut to increase profit. Today the alarming death rates from fake drugs are also linked to internet sales of prescription medications. 

Dangers of purchasing drugs over the Internet, continue to escalate. These dangers include patient harm from fake or tainted drugs, lack of clinical oversight, and financial loss. (NIH)

Is There A Way To Determine Which Drugs Are Fake?

Unfortunately, identifying fake drugs, especially drugs laced with Fentanyl, is impossible to see, taste or smell. Fentanyl is not identifiable, nor are many other drug-cutting ingredients. The safest way to protect yourself is never to buy drugs, and at a minimum, to only buy drugs from a dealer you trust, but that is still a risk. The only way to determine what is actually in a drug is to analyze it in a lab or with chemicals. The answer to the accidental overdose from fake drug use is to help the person not want to do drugs by providing evidence-based treatment and ongoing emotional support.

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